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The Team

Who We Are

Angie Ferrier


Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Angela spent her childhood and adolescence between her hometown and Mexicali, Mexico. From an early age she had an interest in design, art, styling, business and education, which led her to study Fashion Design at EDIM (Baja California School of Fashion Design) for 4 years. At the same time, she studied marketing at UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California), where she graduated and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in 2017. In 2022, she got licensed and certified in EOMETRIC pattern making system in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2019, Angela founded STUDIO93 CREATIVE ACADEMY, a company that seeks to prepare fashion professionals. It is a creative and inclusive space for anyone looking for an accessible education that encourages you to start your career in fashion, create your own brand or simply just learn a new skill. 

Anthony Brooks

Fashion History

Born in Washington, Anthony is a fashion history enthusiast and is passionate about designing historic costumes. In 2020, he spent a year in the fashion program at EVIT and then continued his studies at STUDIO93 CREATIVE ACADEMY where he successfully graduated from both levels in fashion design. He currently attends MESA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, where he continues to train in fashion design, costume design and fashion history.


Georgina de León


Born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Georgina has been passionate about embroidery since she was 6 years old, who had her first approach to embroidery thanks to her grandmother. Georgina has a career in interior design and is also a graduate of both levels of fashion design at STUDIO93 CREATIVE ACADEMY.

Irania Sandoval


She was born in 1995 in Glendale, Az. Irania moved from an early age to Morelos, Mexico, where she lived her entire childhood and adolescence. Irania studied fashion design and in 2013 she returned to Arizona, where she dedicated herself to working and caring for her children Layla and Gareth. About 3 years ago she decided to resume her love for sewing and so she found STUDIO93 CREATIVE ACADEMY, where from the beginning she felt the love and passion for fashion design that she longed for.. Irania is grateful to be an instructor and will continue to improve in embroidery and sewing to provide the best in her class.

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